The Snakes

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The Snakes are the lowliest, meanest, and most savage gang on the streets of Drakkenhall. They have no leader, no agenda, no goals. All they really have is a uniform and a tendency to cause mayhem.

Cobra is a prominent member of the gang- she’s a drow who’s always ready for a fight, and who keeps her poison blades handy. She’s less impulsive than other members of her gang, and has allegedly been successfully bribed and/or intimidated (depending on who’s telling the story.)

Python is an Ogre with an enormous hammer and a reckless disregard for the safety of others. Despite his oafish and brutal exterior, he’s no fool- and many who underestimate him end up splattered across the cobblestones.

Manaconda is a Hobgoblin street tough who loves to round up packs of Snakes and cause massive property damage. He never sticks around for a straight fight, and is one of the most wanted members of The Snakes.

Snake-Eyes is a human looking sorcerer with a serpents eyes and teeth filed to points. Most assume that he’s behind a recent string of savage murders, but no one has been able to catch him. He’s never seen during the day.

Boros is a Tiefling woman tattooed head to toe with intricate images of snakes eating other snakes. She’s filled with nasty demonic magic, and is often found wearing disguises trying to make seemingly innocent deals with locals. No one thinks these deals are all that innocent.

Naga is a dwarven smith, known to provide The Snakes with all their weapons. No one knows where he gets all the materials and labor to make it all. Legend has it he has a secret mountain of dwarven gold hidden in his fortified shop.

The Snakes

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