The Rat Tribe

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The Rat Tribe is a cabal of druids and nature worshipers who live in the sewers beneath Drakkenhall’s slums. Their mastery of these subterranean ways makes them indispensable as guides to the dark lands beneath. They don’t engage in much crime themselves, but are accessory to plenty of it.

Empress is the leader of the Rat Tribe, a gnome of legend who no one outside the tribe has seen. She is only spoken of in furtive whispers, and is seen as a person of profound mystical power and import.

Shindig is a druid and a shape-changer, often seen in the streets on “mystical quests” that look, to the untrained eye, like a symptom of mushroom abuse. No one can deny his skills as a druid though, and he can be quite pleasant when lucid.

Face is a rat shaman and acting spokes-woman for the tribe. She seeks to exemplify the consummately practical aspect of The Rat- the aspects of survival at any cost. Not as prone to mystic mumbo-jumbo as other members of the tribe.]

Subtle is a stone cold were-rat, famous for her ability to get in to places where she shouldn’t be. Word on the street is she moonlights as an assassin. The only thing that anyone knows for sure is that her relationship with Face is downright hostile.

Shakebag is a wizened prophet of The Rat, gnarled and worn and half-mad. He crafts powerful talismans and wards, though bartering with him is always half gibberish and half riddle.

Skulk is a talking dire rat, and an expert on the comings and goings of the city below. He prides himself on being above the petty politics of Drakkenhalls criminal underground.

The Rat Tribe

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