The Duchy

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The Dukes are a gang of humans specializing in protection rackets, smuggling, and violence. They claim to be the noble descendants of Highrock, the ancient city on whose ruins Drakkenhall stands now. Thus, they are the law, and all they do is just and legal.

The Duke is the gangs eponymous leader. He’s a wizard of some power, and conducts himself with regal manners. He is well known as being consummately reasonable if you can manage an audience.

The Duchess, also called Verinda Silverstar is a Paladin of the Great Gold Wyrm, and it’s well known that she hates The Dukes and the gang of thugs they’ve become. She keeps to her heroic ideals, and tries to avoid becoming too entangled in the gangs politics.

Ser Armon is a heavily armored goon who takes great joy in hurting anyone who stands in the way of The Duke. It’s widely believed that he was once an enforcer for The Crusader.

Lady Vyang is the Duke’s apprentice and ritualist for hire. She’s more pragmatic than the Duchy leadership, and some suspect she doesn’t even believe in the gang’s mythic past.

The Duchy

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