The Bone Dancers

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The Bone Dancers are a gang of grim death worshipers that tend to graveyards in Drakkenhalls slums. They dabble in dark magic, but no one has had much trouble with them since they seem to be good at keeping the dead sealed away.

Frosty is the mysterious leader of The Bone Dancers, a woman of purported mystical power and semi-divine wisdom. She is said to view tending to the dead as the civic obligation of Drakkenhall’s monsters.

Black Leaf is a young half-elf woman and necromancer. She’s prone to overwrought speeches about the horrors beyond The Black Gate, but no one outside the gang takes it too seriously.

Raven is a shy, quiet kobold. She really seems like such a nice girl. She allegedly sees visions of ghosts, and speaks in tongues about unknowable magics. She’s very studious and polite about it though.

Vladmir is a young goblin with handsome dark eyes and long luxurious hair. He’s considered a heart-throb in the goblin community, but he insists that his dark works leave no time for romance.

Dregg is a dwarven woman of unusual size and strength. She gleefully wades into combat with her silver plate mail and dwarven battle shovel whenever given the chance. She’s seen as a parental figure in the Bone Dancers.

The Bone Dancers

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