The Alley Cats

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The Alley Cats are a mostly goblin gang of fences, smugglers, drug dealers, and sex traffickers. They stay on peaceful terms with most of the local gangs by being indispensable when it comes time to move illegal merchandise or indulge in vices.

Lucky is everyone’s favorite Goblin smuggler and leader of the Alley Cats. His non-judgmental grandfatherly approach to selling contraband has won him tremendous affection in the community. His astonishing luck never seems to let up.

Shagrat is the smooth as silk sales-goblin who has just what you need. Her aggressive selling and seemingly rote sales pitches make a lot of folks anxious, but there’s no denying that she’s got the best stock and the best deals.

Shackle Jon is the biggest meanest Bugbear in town. He’s an unabashed sadist, though his love of cruelty seems to be exceeded by his love of money. Word on the street is that he moves slaves, though others insist that the Alley Cats wouldn’t take up such a risky business.

Madame Yahp is the goblin proprietor of The Lusty Lamia, Drakkenhalls most open-minded brothel. Yahp is a stern and savvy business-goblin, and her ability to call in favors is only matched by her ability to extract secrets.

Shamow is a hobgoblin tailor and adopted son to Lucky. Unlike the rest of the gang, his endeavors are far more legal, and his elegant yet eccentric clothing does well among Drakkenhall’s Elite. His consistent ability to bring in coin means his peers are more than willing to overlook his bizarre habits.

The Alley Cats

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