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Based out of The Old Guildhall the Adventurer’s guild is more of a band of mercenaries than anything else. They have a long reputation of taking dangerous, weird, and profitable work from pretty much all comers. It’s understood that their loyalty is measured in coin and loot.

Red is the defacto leader of the Adventurer’s Guild, though technically no one is in charge. He’s a dwarf with a red beard, a missing eye, and a hook for a hand. He seems to have an endless supply of connections- both favors and vendettas. He is, despite his love of violence, mostly genial.

Ragbash the Wolf is a half-orc pit fighter from Axis. She’s lean, tough, and able to swing an that’s axe nearly as large as she is. There’s some debate in the community as to whether her apparent go-with-the-flow nature is caused by barbarian naivety, or from the canny patience of veteran killer.

Black Will is, simply put, and undead horror. Built from the limbs of dozens of mangled monster corpses, it has the head of a bear, the torso of an ogre, and six arms all attached by black iron chains. It does not bother with pretenses- it freely admits to it’s own horrific nature and it’s desire to cause mayhem. But it also admits being bound in service to the Guild.

Hunter is a drow cave ranger and part time herbalist. She possesses an almost statuesque beauty when she stands still, which only happens rarely. More often she’s wrapped up in some challenge by which she intends to prove herself. Her frantic obsession with winning makes most Drakkenhall residents anxious.

Pongo is a kobold. He doesn’t talk. All anyone seems to know is that he wears fancy dresses. Most assume he’s responsible for building traps and contraptions for the guild.

Drum is a troll, so named because she is constant banging on her favorite drum. When she’s not banging on a drum, she’s banging on a person who deserves it. She likes to wear her black spiky armor, so she probably used to work for The Crusader. Seen as a pillar of the community.

Beaker was a heroic paladin, up until he killed that swamp hag. Now he’s cursed to be an owlbear. He seems to like it more.

Sparks is the skeleton of some sort of large bird, held together only by strands of red shimmering sinew. It is often seen perched on Red’s shoulder, screeching. Sparks is sort of a mascot for the guild.

The Adventurer's Guild

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