The Pact Infernium

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The Pact Infernium is more rumor than anything else. It’s an alleged cabal of demon worshipers within the walls of Drakkenhall. It’s rumored that they practice dark rituals in secret places deep beneath the city, that they summon powerful monsters and eat the hearts of goblin children. Whenever someone goes missing mysteriously, someone always suspects The Pact.

The Mother of Mercy is a fairy tale among the Drakkenhall population. She’s described as a stern, sour faced woman with teeth of razor sharp brass. The story goes that she sealed her heart in ice and buried it so that no one could kill her.

Father Kindness is another urban legend. He’s described as an impossibly old man with tiny black eyes like pits. The story goes that if you gaze too long into his eyes that they’ll suck out your soul and send it to the Abyss.

The Good Child is described as a beautiful child, though the child’s sex and species always seem to vary. They cry in the dark alleys for help because they are lost. Anyone fool enough to come to their aid is never found, but their neatly severed fingers and toes are.

The Pact Infernium

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