The Hook Gang

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The Hook Gang is a confederation of Kobolds unwilling to bend the knee to the Blue. Every member has cut off their left hand and replaced it with a hook. Thusly maimed, they cannot be drafted into The Shining Scale. They aren’t very well connected or supplied, but they have deep ties with the kobold community. They consider themselves more of a militia than a gang.

Hooks is the leader of the gang. She’s a kobold elder- and you don’t get to be one of those without being smart and tough. She’s a sorcerer, and pious worshiper of The Five and a keeper of The Old Ways. Her recent illness has brought up the question of who will take her place.

Lork is a young upstart, regarded as the next leader of the Hook Gang. He’s small but scrappy, and far more patient and calculating than most kobolds. He’s been making great strides in bringing more food and medicine to the kobold community.

Shaska is a priestess of The Five, and, reluctantly, The Ten. She practices the rites and rituals that the Hook Gang requires, and tends to the spiritual needs of the Kobold community. She is held in high regard for her compassion and profound wisdom.

Yashko is a vicious new rabble-rouser in the gang. He advocates vocally and openly about annexing the West Wing for a kobold kingdom and putting down all the goblins. Most view him as a loud-mouth, but more and more are nodding their heads when he speaks.

Snare is a kobold elder and full time curmudgeon. He was once held in great esteem as the greatest trap maker in Drakkenhall, but he has since fallen into bitterness and sorrow. He hates anyone who isn’t a kobold.

The Hook Gang

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