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+2 Dex OR Cha

Small: +2 AC against opportunity attack

Evasive (Racial Power)
Once per battle when you would be hit with an attack force a re-roll at -2.


Surprising (Racial Power)
Once per battle subtract one from the natural result of one of your own D20 rolls.

Preferred Classes: Rogue, Sorcerer

Kobolds pretty much run the show in Drakkenhall. They may be small, they may get pushed around, but all the big races know Kobolds are the ancestors of dragons. In the time before the Dragon Emperor it was the Kobolds and their benevolent Dragon allies who ran things. Sure, Kobolds might not have teeth like spears or claws like swords (though maybe breath like death), but there is a flicker of that old power inside them. It is an ancient reptilian spark of raw arcane might, of deep and primal cunning.

The Blue prizes her Kobold citizens- not enough to keep them out poverty, obviously, but enough to make use of them. Her elite police force The Shining Scale are made up of the heartiest and most deadly kobolds in the city. Their unwavering loyalty, their ruthlessness, and their fearlessness in the face of death can really puts the other monsters in the city on edge.

To quote Ragbash the Wolf: “Fighting the wee bastards is absolutely not worth it. Leave them in their lairs and call it a day.”


+2 Dex or +2 Int

Small: +2 AC against opportunity attack

Cruel (Racial Power)
Once per battle deal ongoing damage to a target you hit with a natural even attack roll as a free action. The ongoing damage is equal to five times your level. Normal save ends.


Confounding (Racial Power)
Once per battle when you roll a natural 16+ with an attack you may also daze the target until the end of your next turn.

Preferred Classes: Rogue, Wizard

Goblins pretty much run the show in Drakkenhall. Sure, the other races call them ‘vermin’ or ‘scum’ or ‘an incurable and insufferable plague even worse than kobolds,’ but that’s because they’re jealous. The fact of the matter is that Goblins run all the good thieves guilds, all the best smuggling rings, and at least half of the bazaars in the city. If you’re doing something illegal in Drakkenhall (and if you aren’t, why are you even there?) then you’ll be rubbing elbows with a goblin.

The Blue seems to have mixed feelings about the goblins in her city- often she raises them up to lofty positions of power, but just as often she calls for bloody and savage culls of the slums where they live. The goblins say this is a sign of respect and fear, though it’s really hard to say for sure.

To quote Ragbash the Wolf, “I owe goblins far too much money to say anything bad about them.”

The Cursed

+2 Cha or +2 Wis

Blood of the Deathless:
The Cursed do not possess recoveries of their own. When they would spend a recovery they may instead spend the recovery of a nearby willing ally but using The Cursed’s own recovery die and constitution modifier. The recovery additionally gains a bonus equal to the level of the donating ally. If there are no willing allies, then The Cursed cannot heal.

Unyielding (Racial Power)
Once per battle when The Cursed fails a saving throw they may re-roll.

Preferred Classes: Necromancer, Cleric

The Lich King was once the Wizard King, and his Empire was more vast and mighty than even the Dragon Empire. During his reign it is said that he fathered a thousand children to carry on his grim legacy, and The Cursed are the last of his descendants.

Few are aware that The Cursed even live in Drakkenhall, as they appear to all examinations as frail yet beautiful humans. Yet their pulses are slow, their skin is cold, and their hunger is not easily sated. While not undead, the necromantic power that flows through their bloodline gives them an unnatural hunger for flesh and blood- the fresher the better.

The Blue, for her part, has never formally acknowledged the presence of The Cursed in her city. It is unclear if it is because she doesn’t know (unlikely), because she doesn’t care (more likely), or because she has some secret use for them (most likely by far.)

To quote Ragbash the Wolf, “It’s not illegal to be a spook, but if you try and bite me there’s gonna be trouble.”

The Forgotten

+2 Cha or +2 Dex

A New Face:
The Forgotten can change their superficial appearance at will. They can change the tone of their skin, the color and cut of their hair, their approximate height, their apparent sex, and even their apparent species. These changes are very finite- they always look humanoid, and always maintain the same approximate size. This ability is not precise enough to mimic the appearance of another with much accuracy.

Battlefield Confusion (Racial Power)
Once per battle the Forgotten may swap places places with one nearby ally. It was really The Forgotten the whole time!

Preferred Classes: Bard, Rogue

Nobody’s really sure where the forgotten came from, or even what they are. It’s known that they’re shape changers, that they’re fairly reclusive, and that’s about it. The more learned of scholars speculate that they’re somehow connected to The Prince of Shadows, but they have very little to go on. It does seem like the sort of creature The Prince of Shadows would create though.

To quote Ragbash the Wolf, “The who? You made that up.”


+2 Str or +2 Con

Orcish Rage (Racial Power)
Once per battle reroll your melee attack roll. Use the roll you prefer.


Orcish Ferocity(Racial Power)
When you are reduced to zero hit points or lower you may make a normal save. If you succeed you may immediately spend a recovery to heal.

Preferred Classes: Barbarian, Fighter

Orcs are the one who really run Drakkenhall. After all, the Orc Lord’s army is right there, hanging like a big heavy rock just north of the city. It’s just waiting to fall and crush all the puny city folk and their weak little buildings. Sure, the last four sieges might have failed, sure thousands of orcs may have died screaming, sure the walls of Drakkenhall have never ever been breached by an enemy force. So what? It’s a ploy by The Orc Lord- he’s lulling them. That’s what he’s doing. The Blue is eating out of the palm of his big bloody hands.

The Blue is not a fan of orcs. It’s entirely illegal to be an Orc in Drakkenhall, and most are killed (messily) on sight. Rumor has it that Orcs still make it into the city though, relying on magical and mundane disguises. There are also rumors that a few renegade orcs are permitted in the city’s boundaries, marked with the Blue’s own personal rune to bind their loyalty. Everyone in Drakkenhall agrees though- the city is a lot nicer without any orcs around.

To quote Ragbash the Wolf, “A single orc isn’t much trouble- it’s mean, yeah, but it doesn’t have a lot of direction. Now, an army? That’s what keeps me up at night.”


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