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The Old Guildhall is the head quarters of the Adventurer’s guild, and is alleged to have cellars that reach deep into the heart of the city.

The Lusty Lamia is Drakkenhall’s most open minded brothel. It’s also a decent bar and an inn, but that’s not why most people go there. It’s often used as neutral ground for meetings between gangs.

The Pit is the cheapest, nastiest tavern in all of Drakkenhall. The perfect place for people who don’t like being asked awkward questions (like why they’re covered in blood.) It’s run by a very unpleasant gnoll named Skeev.

The Forge is an incongruous building built out of old dwarven iron. It’s chimneys never stop billowing smoke, and no one ever seems to come in or out. It’s run by Naga, who allegedly gives his weapons away to The Snakes.

The Brine Shack is an old shack out on the docks covered in barnacles. It’s said that the wizened hag who lives there knows arcane secrets which she’ll share for a cost.

The Grim Countenance is an ancient statue surrounded by a huge empty lot. Every night at the base of the statue a Night Market is held where citizens of the west wing can buy and sell as they like. On the full moon it tends to be sparse, but in the black of the new moon the market flourishes.


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