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Icon Dice are a unique feature of 13th age which represent the advantages that you gain from your connections with the powerful Icons who run the world. For my own ease of book keeping I’m putting the power of these dice in your hands. When you want to redeem the benefit of an icon dice, just let me (the GM, the sexy bald guy with the beard) know, and we’ll negotiate it’s use. A sample of icon dice uses:

- Get a favor from someone connected to an Icon. With a six it has no strings attached, with a five they’ll want something in return.

For example, you could redeem a six negative with the Diabolist to get that Crusader goon to tell you what he knows about the local demon cult. If you used a five, he would want some extra incentive (maybe gold, maybe a promise to bring him back an evil idol that the cult stole.)

- Request extraordinary events or skills. Since the Icons have profoundly powerful magic tied into the fabric of the universe, sometimes they lend aid across time and space. In this case you can use an icon die to either request a beneficial event or unusual prowess on a check. With a six, the results are purely beneficial. With a five, it’s either of mixed value or serves the icon in a way you didn’t expect.

For example, you could redeem a five with The Archmage to try and turn the tides of battle. The Archmage might then send an arcane flux, making everyone vulnerable to spells. If you spent a six, the effect would only apply to the enemy.

Another example- your friend Steve the Gnome is dying of a horrible plague-zombie bite. You could use your five negative die with the Lich King to patch him right up, even though you normally don’t have the mystic skills to handle such a foul wound. The only catch is that now Steve is half zombified. If you had spent a six Steve would be doing a lot better.

- Request a magic item. You can spend a die to request a specific magic item to appear in the adventure. You can be as specific or as vague as you like. You could request an ancient set of Dwarven chain mail imbued with the power of of paladins of old, or you could just say “Hey, I need, like, a wand or some junk. For spells.” The item should, however, somehow relate to the icon die. No Demonic Witching Eyes if you’re spending your six with the Dwarf Lord.

If you spend a six, an item to your specifications will become available during the course of play. It may still require work to get to though- no hand outs in The Dragon Empire. If you spend a five then getting the item will either have terrible consequences or the item won’t be quite what you wanted.

- Request an NPC. You can spend an Icon die to write your own NPC and add them to the setting. Clearly the NPC should relate to the Icon die spent appropriately. For example, with a six negative with the Elf Queen you can bring in Stompy the Dwarven Racist who hates all elves but for some reason likes you. With a five Stompy might just hate you also.

- Make up a fact about the setting. Spend a die to make some minor yet meaningful fact about the setting become true. I’m not going to enforce direct icon relevance here- your five with the Emperor can be used to make up a fact about Orcs. If it’s a six, the fact may have immediate utility. If it’s a five, it either had no clear value at present, but potential value down the line.

For example, you spend an icon die at a six and decide that Orcs hate the sea. This has huge relevance since you’re on the run from a orcish warband and your best means of escape is a banged up dingy across the Koru Straits. If you made up this fact about orcs a hundred miles inland, it’d be a five die.

Icon Dice

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